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Shelley Hanna wrote popular a Q & A column 'Your KiwiSaver' for NZME newspapers from 2011 to 2021 including the Northern Advocate, the Bay of Plenty Times, the Hawkes Bay Today , the Whanganui Chronicle and the Wairarapa Times Age. Some recent columns can be found online via the NZ Herald website. Earlier columns can be found below:

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25 January 2016     Getting started on KiwiSaver
Q.        I have started a new work position for a small organisation and among my many duties I am responsible for payroll.  This is new to me, and I am not sure what KiwiSaver information I should be gathering from my staff.  Not all are in KiwiSaver and there is one person that has started at the same time as me.  Does she need to fill out a KS2 form if she wants to be in KiwiSaver?

18 January 2016   KiwiSaver and permanent emigration
Q.           I am a New Zealand permanent resident and I have had a KiwiSaver account with ANZ bank since 2011. I have been living in India for the past 10 months. I would like to withdraw my KiwiSaver money on the basis of overseas migration.  If I withdraw money and then change my mind and want to return to New Zealand in the future will I be able to do so?  Would NZ Immigration object if I tried to return to New Zealand, having withdrawn my KiwiSaver on that basis?

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To read columns from previous years click on the links below. Note that changes to KiwiSaver over the years - such as halving MTC credits, increasing the amount available to First Home buyers or abolishing the 'kickstart' - mean that some of the information provided in earlier columns is not entirely relevant to today's readers.

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.  The information contained in the column is of a general nature and is not intended to provide specific or personalised advice. 

Shelley is taking a 6 month break from her column at present. However, if you have any KiwiSaver questions that you would like answered directly please
contact Shelley.