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                   Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Why use a financial adviser?  Aren't I better off leaving my money in the bank?

A.Clients choose to work with me in the expectation that they will achieve their goals sooner and be better off in the long term.  There are many reasons for this.  Some clients like to have someone on call to discuss day to day financial decisions with.  Others find it useful to be accountable to someone for their budget and saving targets, as it makes it easier to achieve them.  Working with a financial adviser requires a willingness to share personal information so that advice can be personalised to you.  You get help to identify your financial goals and are given strategies to move from your current to your desired situation.  This may take many years to achieve.  No client is obliged to continue the advice relationship if they do not believe they are getting value from it.  They are not 'locked in' and can terminate the relationship at any time. If you are not sure, we are happy to 'start small' to see whether the advice relationship works for you.

Q. How safe is my money?

A.  We choose investments that we believe are appropriate to you and will help you to achieve your stated goals.  We do not operate a trust account so we do not have access to your money at all.  All money is paid directly to the company offering the investment or to a trustee or custodian and this will be recorded in reports or correspondence with them.  Investments returns are never entirely predictable and returns may be higher or lower than expected. 

Q. As a sole practitioner, what back up is there should anything happen to Shelley Hanna?

A. Risk management is part of our business so we have covered eventualities like these.  Legislation requires us to maintain excellent records which are readily available to clients.  The trustee for NZ Funds Management records and updates all investment information.  The custodian of the Aegis system maintains separate records which can be accessed directly or through another adviser.  All investments are recorded in detail and the movement of all funds is recorded and stored indefinitely.