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We support our clients in making good financial decisions in all stages of their lives.  We put the interests of our clients first.  Our focus is on support and education rather than sales.  We offer an no-obligation consultation with the first 30 minutes free.
                Peak Financial Check Up
Would you like to sit down with someone to talk about your current financial situation and get feedback on the direction you are heading in? Or is there a specific financial decision you would like help with?  More information here.

                  Peak Investment Advice & Portfolio Management   Do you want advice on investments?  Whether you have money to invest or want to build an investment portfolio from scratch, we can help.  The cost of portfolio management is calculated as a percentage of the amount invested.  These fees are usually 100% tax deductible.  Click here for more information. 

                  Peak Financial Planning  If you would like a full review of your overall financial position we can provide a comprehensive financial plan including cashflow, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning.  More information here.

                  KiwiSaver Advice   Since 2007 KiwiSaver has provided New Zealanders with the opportunity to save for their retirement - with tops ups of up to $521 per year from the Government for qualifying members.  Click here for more information or contact us to talk about KiwiSaver.